The City Of Belfast Radio Amateur Society (GI-21131 / GI2BX) operated as
GI2012MGY From onboard Titanic's tender boat, the SS Nomadic (above),
from the 12th to 15th of April.
MGY was the ill-fated Titanic's callsign,
so Hams all around the world queued up to work this station.

The SS Nomadic was commissioned by the White Star Line in 1910,
to tender for their new ocean liners RMS Olympic and RMS Titanic,
which were too large to dock in Cherbourg harbour. She ferried
passengers, their baggage, mail and ship's supplies to and from
large ocean liners moored off-shore. Nomadic was commissioned
to transfer 1st and 2nd class passengers only, so it had the same
luxurious finish as the Titanic.

Bill GI3MMF and Ian GI6PLO

Frank GI4NKB at the CW Table


Frank GI4NKB and MI0GRG

V antenna


Comet V antenna

& Frank GI4NKB




Bill GI3MMF and Frank GI4NKB

Ian GI6PLO and Frank GI4NKB

Setting up a radio station onboard a boat that is being restored, was
yet another challenge for the COBRAS members, but as usual,
they found a way to rig up all of their antennas and cables etc.

The COBRAS also operated GI100MGY view that page by clicking the button below: