The City Of Belfast Radio Amateur Society (GI-21131 / GI2BX) operated as
GI100MGY From Titanics Home City of Belfast, between the  7th and 10th
of April -
MGY was the Callsign of the Ill-fated ship, which had been
launched in Belfast in May 1911. The
GI100 is a very special prefix,
kindly allocated to the "Project WhiteStar" special event team by
Ofcom, the UK regulator.

Davey GI3OBO, Gerry GI0RTN, Frank GI4NKB

Mick MI0GRG, Bill GI3MMF, Davey GI3OBO


Paul GI6FEN (seated) explaining Radio to a Visitor

Mick MI0GRG and Billy MI0XMN


David GI8SKN

Mick MI0GRG operating
SSB, with Frank behind
explaining the wonders
of Amateur Radio

Frank GI4NKB posing
for his future Statue
on city hall ;o)))



MI0GRG on the ladder of Doom

Frank GI4NKB on the ladder of Doom

Setting up a radio station within the City Hall's Council Chamber presented the
COBRAS members with a few problems, especially with the rigging of
antennas and cables etc.

The COBRAS also operated GI2012MGY view that page by clicking the button below: