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Please Note

Some of our League
officers have frequent
"short holidays".

If you do not get a prompt reply to your e-mails,please
let Pete the V. P. know, so that prompt help can be given.



Welcome to the ISWL HQ's home on the web.

We are an International Radio Club.

Founded in 1946 - Our membership is open to ALL Licensed Amateurs, SWL's and Affiliated Radio Clubs around the World.

Please browse around using the links on the left and right of this page.

A Membership Information  Sheet and application Form can be downloaded from this page in both Doc and PDF Formats.

Please send the Completed Form to the Honorary Treasurer.

Please also Contact our Honorary Treasurer if you would like to receive a membership information pack or further Information.

By email:-

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If you encounter a problem
Please contact Pete at :-



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Monitor Award
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Updated August 2014 )

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ISWL Vice President
& Webmaster

Copy the links to say
Hello to Pete, or
to send him your
comments or
Event News etc.

Pete is always pleased to
hear from Ex members.



Net Frequency changes

There has been a few changes to some regular net
Frequencies, in order to avoid other regular nets.

Please have a look at our Regular Nets page
for all the up to date Information.

Members are reminded that a Full Licence is currently required,
in order to transmit on the 5MHz (60m) band


Please Also Note:


Due to the rising price of Paper, Ink and Postage etc,
we have introduced an "Electronic membership",
for members who use the internet.

Avoid the ever increasing Postage costs and try our
“Electronic” Membership

 UK = £12 per annum,
Europe = £12 or €15 per annum,
Rest of the world = £12 or $2
2USD per annum.

Monthly magazines sent in
“PDF” format to your email address

 Free Awards Programme for Amateur
and Broadcast bands

 Annual Contest Programme

 Regular nets

Plus much more.....

Please download an application form for full details,
including current subscription rates for membership
with Printed copies of Monitor, sent through the world's
Postal services.
(PDF and .Doc Download Links are on this page)


The downloadable DXCC / ISWL Country and Prefix checklists
have been updated to show the current 340 DXCC countries
Effective from the February 2020 update and is still current.

There is also an updated IARU list of current & closed QSL Bureaus

Feel free to download these lists in a zipped file for your personal use,
via the "Country / Prefix lists" link, above on the right hand side of this page.

Check that your Computer Security will allow you to download .zip files


Click here for world times etc.


  Our Awards Programme IS OPEN TO NON MEMBERS - WORLD WIDE  


Updated every 3 hours from the NOAA Website

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