Wimborne Hamfest - 14th August 2011

Another great ISWL turnout this year.

Thank You to Arthur G0KOC
for organising the ISWL Stand etc.

Back row - Left to Right:

Cliff G4YHP, Dick M5DIK, Dave G4LEL, Pete (ex MP4BIM), Arthur G0KOC,
Treasurer +++ Awards Mgr. G-16051 Vice President Net Controller


VP Pete, with some of the Council Members - Left to Right:

Pete (ex MP4BIM), Cliff G4YHP, Dick M5DIK, John G8XTJ, Arthur G0KOC,
Vice President Treasurer +++ Awards Manager President Net Controller


Vice President Pete presenting President John G8XTJ,
with the Presidents Cup for his Transmitting achievements in 2010.


Peter G4VFG, Patrick 2E0ELC,
ISWL Hon. Secretary Visitor
President John and Vice President Pete


GB65ISWL was QRV from the stand throughout the day:

John G8XTJ QRV as GB65ISWL Cliff + "fluffy friends"
Arthur G0KOC  QRV as GB65ISWL

Peter G4VFG - taking his turn with GB65ISWL


This Rally is very popular and we are already
looking forward to the next event.