Vintage Pictures from the mid 1970's

(With thanks to Brian G0NSL)

1974 ISWL Members L to R:
Bob Patterson, Brian Russell G0NSL, and Noel Dunwell G3MSE
taken at a 1974 rally in Leeds


The Pictures above and below were taken circa 1974 and 1975
at the Christmas dinner events of the ' unofficial ' North West ISWL group
under the command of Archie, G2WQ

If you are in the above pictures, or can name all the faces?,
please let Pete the webmaster know.

Some of the people in the photographs above:

Bob Patterson, SWL Bill Moran G3XUM, Keith Baker G3WTV, Mrs Moran,
Sue Baker, SWL Brian Russell G-14491 (now G0NSL), Mrs Trippear,
Mrs Russell, Ray Trippear SWL, Eric Chilvers, Archie Brown G2WQ,
Mrs Chilvers, Mrs Brown, Dick Rugg G2BRR, Russ Mallinson SWL,
Mrs Rugg, and Noel, G3MSE