The Great Northern Hamfest
at Barnsley - 1st November 2009

This was our second successful year at this rally,
so it was nice to meet a few members for the first time.

Back Row - Left to Right:
Cliff G-13557 / G4YHP, Russell G-20472 / G0OKD, Julia (John's XYL) and Phil G-20593 / G4DMS

  Front Row - Left to Right:
John G-16436 / G0BWG, Amanda G-21186 / 2E1GWO and John G8WDV from GARS.
( Plus of course Cliff's dreaded rubber chicken )


John G8WDV (seated) with Mike G-14660 / M1MIC


Once again, Cliff brought his toys with him and put them to use on the stand